Namaste! Just a short note to say I got back earlier today from Camp III
with a stopover last night at Camp II. It was a great trip up the
mountain. A huge thanks to Damai and Kami Sherpa for helping me get up
there and to Pasang Galzen Sherpa for holding down the fort at base camp
while we were gone. And also a huge thanks to SWEET FC President Kelly
Fox, at the moment leading 6 school kids rock climbing on the other side
of the world, for talking to me via sat phone from the high camps and
posting updates here. Kelly also just managed to talk me into a 50k run
(Beacon Rock) three days after I am scheduled to be back. We’ll see if
the altitude can replace ~3 months of not running!

I wouldn’t say Camp III was the best sleep ever, but the views were
incredible. Speaking of…I’m going to hold off writing a full report
until tomorrow from Gorak Shep where I hope to have a good enough
connection that I can include some pictures.

Thanks for the many emails and comments. I’ve been able to view a lot of
them on my cell phone since getting back this morning, but outgoing
emails result in time-out errors. I’ll use my sat phone/laptop to send
out this one update and will try to answer individual emails from Gorak
Shep tomorrow. I’ll never take broadband internet for granted again!

I’m ‘on vacation’ because the acclimatization climbs are over – the only
thing to do now is wait for the right weather window for the summit
push. If anyone knows any good meteorologists, please feel free to
introduce me. Otherwise…it will be the ‘Sherpanet’ saying when to go
up. More tomorrow!

Cheers, Seth

Feedback welcome

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