Settling in at Base Camp

Hi all, I’m keeping this short and then will (maybe) come back and edit more as most of my internet connections to date have been lousy with updates lost to the netherworlds. I’m not sure how fast the email report goes out for those millions who have subscribed – but consider visiting the actual web site as this post may have been edited with a few pics etc.

I’m sitting in in a small lodge in Gorak Shep connected with my NCell USB stick. There are three or four other lodges here and that is about it – it is about an hour and a half walk from base camp and site of the original Tenzeng-Hillary base camp. It is also home to a ¬†solar powered NCell tower which seems to have its own mind about when to work. News reports last fall of this tower going in and people tweeting from the top of Everest are a little ambitious. I can get a signal at base camp about 75% of the time and have had some great phone calls home (only 10 cents a minute) but my data connections (e.g. facebook, blogger, email) at email have consistently failed both on the USB connection and on my phone. Sometimes I can get email or see facebook updates but can rarely reply. Bummer. It’ll get worse as more climbing teams arrive at base camp. I have a satellite phone with a data connection but that is not currently working and another story.

Basecamp is something. A lot of camps are setup by local staff but the actual climbing teams have yet to arrive. A lot of trekkers from Gorak Shep make the journey, click their pics and turn around. Many of them also choose (usually on a different day) to climb the hill just outside the door called ‘Kala Patar’ which can offer some unparalleled 360 views. Tandra and I climbed it last fall after the class trip and there is a blog entry and pics somewhere to be found on this site (will try to find and link later).

I plan on making this hike (17,500ft trail run?) frequently as there is not much gouinf on at base camp and the exercise and scenery are sweet. Will hopefully arrive sooner in the day so I can get some hill workouts in with Kala Patar.

The ice doctors are still fixing the ice fall. Sounds like there are still permits to get (by all teams) and a big puja ceremony and I may not be heading to Camp I for another 10-12 days. Otherwise, all is well. Thanks for all the good wishes. Great to hear about how fun the Yakima 50k was!

I wish you could share this hot chocolate with me. Hope this posts!

PS РLost my NCell signal by the time I got to the publish button was able to reconnect with my satellite phone at a whopping 9.6kps. Fingers crossed.

10 Responses to “Settling in at Base Camp

  • Congratulations! Your update went through! You have a huge fan club forming here. And you KNOW I wish I were sharing that hot chocolate too. The only thing colder than Everest Base Camp might be my living room without you to make me turn the heat on. Sending lots of love!

  • Great to hear from you Seth!! Really sorry I missed the phone call. Everything sounds so very exciting, exotic and so very cool.

  • Seth – cool stuff! Hang in there – and have fun. I talked to Sue yesterday; Ms. Meow is well. :)

  • Seth,
    Please post more photos when you get a chance! Keep the phone calls and posts coming as I just can’t get enough of this adventure.
    By the way, I now have Karen asking for updates on your status. Your fan club is growing.

  • Seth, Very cool to hear your updates. I told a Nepali friend yesterday about your climb…he beamed with excitement as we all are. good luck from Boston.

  • Seth, I heard about you from Kim. I am going to take a virtual journey through your blog, and see if I can motivate myself into a journey to the base camp, someday :).
    Also, would love to meet once you are back in town. Good wishes!!

  • Congratulations! Do post some pictures of your stay and climb. Would love to see the lodge you stayed at. Heard that trekking lodges at Gorakshep are basic.

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  • Congratulations Seth! I wish I could travel to Gorak Shep like you. I have no plans to climb the Everest. Just being able to see it would be quite an experience. Post some photos, please.

  • Congrats on your successful climb. I also want to visit Nepal, but not to climb Mount Everest. Instead I want to go on a culture tour and work with Nepali social organizations. I’ll probably visit the Shangri La.

  • I could only dream of doing this again. I’ve had a leg operation a few years back and it separated me from some of the things I loved doing- climbing and mountain cycling are some of them.
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