Hello SWEET2011FCers,
Kelly here again with another update on the exciting climb: Seth made it to Camp II (about 21,300ft) this morning – I think around noon his time on Tuesday (he’s 9.75 hours ahead of the east coast, 12.75 hours ahead of the west coast).  He and Damai slept at Camp I on Monday night and were joined by Kami in the early morning hours on Tuesday for the ascent to Camp II.  Seth said the trip up to Camp II is basically a slog – climber speak for a long and arduous hike, without much need for technical climbing moves – but he was definitely feeling the altitude and so the experience was plenty challenging.  When I spoke with him by satellite phone, Seth was snug in his tent and the main challenge he was facing was trying to find ways to entertain himself, with no books, no deck of cards, and only a small amount of battery left on his iPod.  Christine and Robin, the friends he made at Base Camp, apparently told him they’d left a copy of Water for Elephants in their Camp II tent, and Seth was debating the pros and cons of putting his boots on and searching Camp II to find their tent among the many other identical ones – with no idea which one it was – to find the book.  Aside from going a little stir-crazy, though, he sounded great.  Sounds like the plan is to spend Tuesday night for sure, and possibly Wednesday night as well, before descending back to Base Camp in one swoop.
I know Seth loves and appreciates all your comments and encouragement – thanks on his behalf!

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  1. Thanks for the news, S and K! It’s great to hear about your progress and was especially awesome to see a photo of Nuptse a week ago. Thinking of you often and looking forward to more great updates…


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