Good morning SWEETFCers,

Kelly here with another update:

Seth made it safely to Camp III (23,700 ft) last night after a long, slow trudge up the Lhotse Face.  He said he moved slower than the last time he went up because his pack was heavier this time with supplies for the higher camps.  He ended up doing a portion of the climb with his buddy Robin, and the two of them could see Christine a little ways behind them (if you don’t know who Robin & Christine are, look back 1-2 weeks in this blog and read Seth’s post about the high altitude photo shoot).  Looking up, they could see climbers a day ahead of them moving up towards the famous Yellow Band.  Many climbers are trying to summit on Thursday, and many more (including Seth) on Friday.  The weather window is supposed to last those two days.

Once he leaves Camp III after an afternoon and a night of rest, Seth will be using bottled oxygen – in fact he said he might use a little to strengthen his body while he rested in the tent at camp.  The next step is to move up to Camp IV (26,300 ft) on the South Col Thursday morning, rest for the evening, and take off Thursday evening around 9pm for the summit push.  Remember that all times listed here are in Nepal; it’s about 12 hours earlier on the west coast of the US.

Seth said he’s gotten a few more text messages on his sat phone from various friends from across many years and it’s been really fun for him to feel their encouragement.  Thanks on his behalf to everyone who’s sent him a little message of support!

Check back in tomorrow for another update.  In the meantime, send your best wishes his way!

Be strong, Seth!

2 thoughts on “Camp III and movin’ on up!

  1. It’s been an adventure ride for the readers as well!! Thanks for all the update Kelly. When you speak to Seth next, tell him to stay strong AND safe as he makes THE attempt on Thrusday.


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