Hello SWEETFCers* –

Kelly here with an update:

Seth made it through the ice fall yesterday in around 4 hours, rested briefly at Camp I, and then continued on to Camp II.  He said it was unbelievably hot on the way up between the two higher camps – at one point he was hiking in just one long sleeve shirt but he said the sun’s rays were so strong he thought he could “feel the radiation” and he was worried about burning through his clothes, so he put his windbreaker back on despite the heat.  He mentioned that there is one huge crevasse after the ice fall that has like 5 or 7 ladders lashed to each other to cross it, but Damai and Kami don’t want him to walk across that many ladders (in fact, many Sherpas won’t even cross this crevasse themselves) so they all had to walk around it, which adds maybe 30-60 minutes to the trip between Camps I and II.  Damai went ahead and, after getting past the last of the crevasses, Seth encouraged Kami to go ahead too so he could settle in to his own pace, listen to his iPod, take breaks as he wanted them, and just make his own way up the mountain.  He made it to Camp II shortly after noon on Tuesday in Nepal, rested for most of the afternoon in his tent, and is now preparing to hunker down for a (very cold) night of sleep before getting up early Wednesday morning to push on to Camp III.  His spirits are good and he’s feeling strong.

Please continue to send him your good thoughts!  This is a big week!

*Latecomers to this blog should note: SWEETFC stands for Seth Wolpin Everest Expedition Team Fan Club.  (o:

4 thoughts on “Safely at Camp II and going up

  1. You’re the same cool person I met at the Inn Daewon in Korea – I’ve been bragging that I know someone climbing Everest – take good care man! -Stan

  2. Seth is safely at Camp 3 resting/sleeping today (Wed.), which is Wed. night for him. Kelly let me know she had heard from him about an hr. ago (4am Eastern or 1 am Pacific time). She’ll probably update the blog later today. She is awesome at that!!! He’ll leave at 6 am his time tomorrow for the final push. Go Seth!

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