I’m not sure if it is kosher to post this, but a big congrats to friends Alex and Jennifer Uy,  and a welcome to the world for baby Amelia who was born on the first of May at  7lbs 4oz and 21 inches. I tried to convince Alex a while back that ‘Sethina’ is a nice name, but I concede that Amelia is even nicer. Alex and I were in the same climbing class a couple years back and have trudged up many a hill together inside and outside class (not too mention in the Khumbu last fall). He was also kind enough to let me bum his ice axe for this trip as it was nicer than the cast-off rental that I bought at the REI gear garage.  I often find myself thinking ‘What would Alex do?’ Alex also has the nicest self-made man-cave I have ever seen. Ok…that sounded wrong. Anyway, congrats and welcome!

Damai and Kami came back to BC today after two trips to the South Col from Camp II. I can’t imagine that haul with skipping Camp III, and they are in for some well deserved rest (and thanks). Both are several shades darker and reported high winds at the col and deep snow.  Once they are cognizant tomorrow -we’re going to get together a summit plan.  It sounds like there is supposed to be a clear weather window on the 12th, but it also doesn’t look like we could make the summit by then – too soon. These guys need some rest.

I’m planning on writing something up with some more detail about Damai and Kami in the near future and posting it – these guys (and they rest of the Sherpas) are simply amazing. Virtually no paying clients would be summiting without Sherpa help and too often the Sherpas don’t even get their summits mentioned on the team website (more about that later).

After welcoming them back, I took a really nice walk to Gorak Shep, finding the most perfectly shaped rock-recliner just outside the mud flats here. I can’t remember the last time I spent an hour just watching the clouds move by….

And just a quick note to point out that playing Tiny Wings on my iPhone (high score 84k with a nest multiplier of 20x) should not negate the Everest base camp experience, or make it ‘not hardcore’ , as some would imply. That’s a pretty hardcore score. And I’m not downloading other silly games while I type this…

Best of luck this Sat morning in WA (~5 hours from now)  for Kelly and friends running the Sunflower Trail Marathon and Scotty and friends running the Lost Lake 50k. Hardcore runners! I hope ya’ll have the same sunny Saturday morning that I had.

Here’s a picture of Damai (left) and Kami (right) that Kami took on the last trip to Camp II. Damai has summited 5 times and Kami has climbed Ama Dablam twice. Hardcore climbers!

3 thoughts on “Welcome to this world and assorted news

  1. Thanks Seth! Epic mudfest at LL. Steady rain for the first three hours or so. We’ve had a lot of rain this last week. Also, there was a new section after Lost Lake, which wasn’t Everest by any means, but it was climbing in mud. Great barbq after. Really enjoying these posts!!

  2. Thanks for sharing these stories, Seth. The Sherpas are truly amazing for their stamina and knowledge. Good luck with the next phase!


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