46 days and 1,367 miles

Before getting into the last seven days and ~220 miles of running east from Shoshoni, WY across the high plains, I’d like to do two things that I have been putting off for literally a thousand miles. They sort of go hand-and-hand:

First, I’ve wanted to try significantly increase my average daily mileage from 30 to 35 or even 40 miles per day for a long time. Physically I think it is something I can handle and as much as I am loving this run – finishing earlier in July is appealing on many levels.

But that brings me to the second thing, and it is something that could really help motivate me to run faster and further. Until now, I have done practically nothing with respect to fundraising other than throwing some text on a web page. I’m currently in the process of emailing everyone easily found in my address book.  So, please do me a favor by continuing  to read this paragraph and considering the two causes I am supporting. Both are very important to me and I have some say in how the money will be used. One cause is research into how we help patients with cancer manage their symptoms. Another cause (recently added)  is helping offset schooling costs for the daughters of two friends in Nepal.  When you donate, I get an email and it really helps make my day and spurs me to go the extra mile. And, in the long run, it will help many others. Just as my daily mileage eventually adds up, so do small donations so don’t feel shy. The funding goals are not that different from what some people raise running marathons; to not meet them after running across the whole country would be a bummer. So please consider it and know that you will be helping me as well as many others with your donation. And of course, thanks to those who have already contributed. I’m still working on post-cards!

I know that not everyone is in a position to donate money – that’s fine, I have been there many times. I hope you’ll still follow along and have fun. You can help immensely simply by sharing what I am doing with friends. To learn more, please see my ‘how to help‘ page. Thanks!

This is my last night in Wyoming and I have a mixture of fear and excitement with hitting Nebraska.  The story of the last ~220 miles from Shoshoni includes hiding from the sun under the highway, more trail magic, huge skies, water shortages, and serene campsites found by serendipity. Below are some pictures and a bit of the story. The best place to view the full picture album for Wyoming is in my picasa albums.

Thanks for your comments in advance, I love hearing from people.

Cheers, Seth
Lusk, WY.

P.S. I’m 99% sure my friend Damai Sherpa summitted Everest yesterday for his seventh time, along with successful summits by others on the S2 team working with Dorjee’s Himalayan Windhorse Adventures. Woot woot!

And here are some pictures from the road, not the mountain….

See how the pavement changes? That’s a feature!
Beth Morrell’s father Steve found me on the road!
I thought I had plenty of water when he asked, but I didn’t.
This was the first ‘natural’ water in ~62 miles and it was not filterable.
Rhonda Rocks! Thanks for the water!
Pronghorn Antelope are everywhere
I camped at Goldeneye Wildlife Refuge – a gem not on google,  found it by accident!
I covered about 40 miles of dirt roads with
loose gravel, sand and washboards. Not fun.
And then it got really extreme for a few miles thanks to ‘google walk’
Happily back on pavement, I met Art – my first transcontinental cyclist!
He started in NH and is going to San Jose, CA. Good luck!
On this day, around mile 21 I was forced to
make an improvised aid station stop in Douglas, WY.
I actually camped in their town park
Which felt a bit like the twilight zone

I made it out of the Twilight Zone and ran to Lusk today. There are more pictures of Wyoming in my  picasa albums. Thanks for getting this far!

Total miles: 1,367
Total days: 46
Total rest days: 2
Average miles per day: 1367/46 = 29.7
Average miles per running day = 1367/44 = 31.1
Approximate miles left with google walk: 1,907
Approximate miles left with google walk + 10% fudge factor: 2,097
Days left at 30 miles per day to Boston =  2,097/30 =  70 days (~Aug 1st if no rest days)
Days left at 40 miles per day to Boston =  2,097/40 =  52 days (~July 12 if no rest days)

4 thoughts on “Nebraska: Help motivate me for 40 miles per day?

  1. Sethmeister,
    as you keep going & doing more adventures, inevitably you’re gonna search for things no one has ever done before. No way around it. Listen bro, i know you like to skate. I checked and aint nobody ever skateboarded through the interior of the Hoh Rainforest. Never been done bro. U think about it

    1. Brad! – sorry for the delay. I like your line of thought. I’ll pitch it to some gear companies, maybe they will bite. ‘Skate the Hoh’ has a certain ring to it…but maybe not for all audiences.

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