Just a quick note here from a hotel computer in Kendalville, Indiana. Hopefully my last night in this state. The run Thursday from the Indiana border was almost a wash. I started around 6pm and got worried about hotels being booked and running in bad neighborhoods at night. Camping wasn’t an option really. I only made about 7miles and checked into an over priced place. The next morning I ran with my pack through some sketchy neighborhoods south of Gary and was very glad about my previous nights decision. Lots of broken glass and vacant houses and strange looks. My pack weighed on me, and I stopped at a post office and mailed 5 pounds to Ohio including my small laptop. I made it into the country side and camped after ~29m on the border of a corn field and a small pond. It was not a good night with no tent, no sleeping bag and limited clothes.  The mosquitoes were out, I tried to sleep on the ground sheet from my tent and with a thin sleeping bag liner. It dropped to 50 degrees and I mostly shivered and tried to crawl into my pack cover. Around 4am I packed up, said goodbye to my arachnid friends, and started running – mostly as a way to get warm.  Had it rained, I would have been SOL. I think I managed about 39 miles on Saturday but 4 of them were bonus miles because the motel had the incorrect location on google maps. The fact that my phone battery #2 of 2 was dead by then did not make me any happier. I also crossed into Eastern Standard Time which was nice but made me felt like I had suddenly lost an hour.
Thanks Aunt Mimi and Uncle Dick
drive to the rescue.

I started running at 5am yesterday. The pack was driving me nuts and instead of a relaxed run, I felt like I was in the marines. My pace was super slow like I was running in sand,  I had my first blisters in 2000 miles, my left arch was voicing its displeasure, and I was limping while I walked. The pack really was a whole new game, one I was unprepared for and I could see an injury forcing me to quit. Meanwhile, the shoulders were looking more and more lovely for running with a jogger. I managed 20-25 miles and then threw in the towel. I am not James Shapiro but hats off to him. I called a nearby car rental place which was 8 miles off my route and actually the only car rental place for miles and miles. Another call to a convenience store near that junction led me to a local guy named Jerry who happily shuttled me to the rental place for a small fee. I was soon zooming in my red Kia to Ohio, my first time driving in almost three months. By then, it was around 86 degrees with 50% humidity – It would have been stupid to continue running anyway and I was happy to crank the AC and watch the country side roll by at a very legal speed. Much thanks to Aunt Mimi and Uncle Dick who helped me save time by driving west with the jogger and 50lbs of gear in their car – all shipped last week from Chicago. We met up at a nameless intersection, hugged for the first time in 20 (?) years and had a quick meal together and loaded the gear into my car. I ‘ll see them, and my in transit laptop,  in ~6 more days when I arrive in Cleveland. By midnight, I had ~350 miles under my belt from driving and I was back at the convenience store with the jogger thanks to another shuttle from Jerry who refused payment (thanks!). By 1:30am everything was assembled, I thought I would run a few miles and find a corn field but instead I ran 31m to this town. It felt so good to run with the jogger and not to be burdened with essentially a weight vest. It also felt good to have all of my creature comforts including lots of water and food. I did sleep for an hour or two under a tree around mile 15. It was so quite running at night and watching the sun rise was a treat. I rolled into Kendalville around 11am after ~~55m of running, ~350m of driving, and being up for 31 hours. The Best Western was an obvious choice over the local flea bag when they gave me a great rate only $10 more. Getting bumped up to a nice room with a jetted tub was great but it was way too hard to get out of that thing. The disparity between napping under a tree at 3am in the industrial area of a small town (thankfully not Moville, IA) and being in a jetted tub ~9 hours later was pretty profound. Much thanks to the staff and also for the puppy love (wish I could get that pic to upload!)

I’ve napped for a few hours since then and that is exactly what I am headed back to do – Ohio (for ‘real’) tomorrow! I’m looking forward to seeing lots of family later this week including my sister, mom, and papacito.

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  1. Seth! Kudos to you for trying out a new technique and then determining what’s best for you! Glad the baby jogger is back on the road with you and your body is happier. Keep on it! Kathleen

  2. I was starting to wonder, as I read that you were renting a car, but was glad to read that you drove back to where you had stopped running and resumed on foot, reentering your route where you left it.
    So, a jogging stroller has become “all of my creature comforts” – my, how our standards do change, don’t they? Best of luck and keep those posts coming.
    – Glen

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