KVRT Section II: Jhule to Sanga

Introduction  |  I: Mudkhu to  Jhule  | II: Jhule to Sanga  | III: Sanga to Persey Ridge  | IV: Persey Ridge to Hattiban Resort  |  V: Hattiban Resort to Bimdunga Chia Pasal  | VI: Bimdunga Chia Pasal to Mudkhu

Section II: Jhule to Sanga

Please be sure to read the notes on the main ‘Kathmandu Valley Rim Trail‘ page first!

I ran this section at night and it was the only section I had not scouted in advance. But it was also mostly jeep track that was visible to me on my map layers and I wasn’t deep in the jungle or high on a ridge so I wasn’t too worried. The night was a bit of a blur. This section is not something I would recommend as Jhule is not an easy access point and the route is more urban/populated than most of the other segments. I also ran through Nagarkot which has huge views going north and I hope to return in the daylight.





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