In 2010, I sold my house in Seattle and got rid of 95% of my possessions, becoming a bit of a nomad. Since then I have tried to test my comfort level, to experience the world at large, and to give something back.  Notable adventure achievements include an Everest Summit in 2011, running solo 3,384 miles across USA in 2012, walking ~1,200 miles across the Himalaya in 2014, and walking 500 miles across the Pyrenees Haute Route in 2016. I’ve also leaned hard into trail running during this time with a slow drift toward adventure runs, fast packing, and setting fastest known times on obscure challenges that really no one else wants to do (thus an easy fastest known time).  I am a mountain slogger, adventure thrasher, and someone who is often willing to try new things.  For more info please see my Adventure Resume or browse my blog posts which contain many trip reports. When I am not on a personal adventure, I divide my time in three ways:

  • As a co-owner in Himalayan Adventure Labs, working with Sudeep Kandel – we organize small group fast packs for people who want to travel quick and light in the Himalayas – notably on our Langtang (April) trip or our Annapurna (September) trip.  We also help provide an array of support services for the solo minded trailrunner/fastpacker.  For expeditions involving technical climbing we are happy to refer you to our friend and colleague Dorjee Sherpa at: www.himalayanwindhorse.com
  • In a volunteer capacity, I serve as president of Wide Open Vistas (WOV), a non-profit 501(c)(3) which focuses on keeping children in school in Nepal. I co-founded WOV with Dorjee Sherpa in 2011 and we provide support toward tuition, books, uniforms, medical exams for individual students in need as well as girls running program.
  • Conducting health outcomes research as a clinical associate professor at the University of Washington School of Nursing  My focus is on health literacy, health informatics, and human migration. I have a PhD in Public Health from Oregon State University (2004) and welcome opportunities for consultation. (Curriculum Vitae)

More info can be found on my ‘Consulting‘ page.

Safe trails,