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Alpine Lakes Wilderness Challenge Report

My feet crash through the branches that I am standing on and suddenly I am a foot and a half shorter. I’ve kept my balance by holding onto other branches and with a few more precarious steps I am over the huge blow-down of dead and rotting wood and trying to figure out how to get
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Alpine Lakes Wilderness Challenge Attempt #1

Hopefully I will be updating this page sometime next week reporting a fun, yet challenging, traverse of the Alpine Lakes Wilderness.  (Update: Please see my trip report posted in a different place) I don’t have much time left to prepare so here are a couple thoughts. This is a ~75 mile route with two significant
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Scott McCoubrey - Pre-race briefing

White River 50 miler

It was a wet and cloudy 50 miles this weekend. The best part was seeing friends Yassine Diboun and Matt Palilla take 2nd and 3rd place. Actually I didn’t see it (I was hours and hours back) but I hear it was quite the show down at the end. Wish I could have been there.
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Lost and Found

We met in a little bike shop in the Adirondacks 25 years ago. I won’t say it was love at first sight…but there was some attraction. You had fancy aluminum tubing and shimano components, I needed a ride. Over the years we had a lot of adventures and for the last ten years you’ve been
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Does this crew look ready to run or what?

Playing Catchup

What I’ve been up to in the Northwest June 1st – July 10th: High Divide Trail Olympic National Park Adventure Run 26m Joined up with Brandi Garcia. We ran from Boulder Creek Camp over Appleton Pass and up the high divide trail to Bogachiel  Peak and back. Lousy weather. Thank you Mary for the amazing dinner.   Glacier
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Melanchi Village

And the earth moved…

My last real post was six months ago – about the Annapurna Trail Race and my attempt to set a fastest known time. When I wrote that – I was in the midst of trying to ‘settle down’ – collaborating on research projects at UW, finishing papers, making a pay check, getting my life back
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The Annapurna Circuit: Going round and round.

Hour 62:  I’ve been running, walking, stumbling for the past 62 hours and it has been 19 since my last nap – 2 hours of blessed downtime wrapped up in dirty blankets in a lodge in Muktinath.  My body is shot. the longest I ever pushed before was about 35 hours on Everest a few years back.
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Mount Hood Mashup: Climbing and slogging around the beast. 32:56

Matching jackets and head lamps with Matt Palilla Half way down after a successful summit. I lived in Oregon from 1998-2004 while going to grad school and working on my dissertation. Most of this was in the Willamette Valley. At times, I would catch views of the Cascade Mountains and feel twinges of regret. In
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Making tracks – The Great Himalaya Trail

I am way overdue for a post about the Great Himalaya Trail (GHT), the so called  ‘holy grail of trails’ or the ‘trail to rule them all’. And yep, it was all of that. When I got back to Seattle in July and sat down at my desk, it was as if I never left. The
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Heading Out – The Great Himalayan Traverse

I run down the street and catch my reflection in the window of the Seattle coffee shop, momentarily startled thinking it is another runner on my heals. Hipsters inside are slouched in front of their laptops, lattes in hand and knit caps pulled down low. My reflection moves by and so do I, trying to
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