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When thunder roars, go indoors!

I was talking to my friend Pablo the other night and he asked me about adventures in Nebraska. I didn’t know what to say. Nebraska has really exceeded my expectations (which were quite honestly pretty low) but there have been no grizzly bear warnings or mountain passes. I haven’t even been stopped by the police.
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Damai's sixth summit

Mostly Everest and Whatnots

Hi everyone, just a short note here before I head out for today. First, happy 16th birthday to my niece Claire Englert. Woot woot! I’m sure you will always wear your seat belt , go the limit, and give a lot space to any crazy guys running against traffic while pushing a baby jogger. Thanks everyone for
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Nebraska: Help motivate me for 40 miles per day?

46 days and 1,367 miles Before getting into the last seven days and ~220 miles of running east from Shoshoni, WY across the high plains, I’d like to do two things that I have been putting off for literally a thousand miles. They sort of go hand-and-hand: First, I’ve wanted to try significantly increase my average
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Damai's sixth summit

Pushing a food cart through grizzly country.

A year ago today, Damai Chiri Sherpa and I were making our way down from the top of the world.. What a trip! And, as best I can tell, Damai is gearing up for what will hopefully be  his seventh summit attempt as I write this – best of luck to him and all of
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Into Wyoming

May 8, 2012 Seth

Idaho Falls to Jackson Hole, WY So before I get into the thick of it, a huge congratulations to my friends Nichole Sellon and Adam Lint for their great performances at the very competitive Miwok 100k last Saturday.  They both kicked #&*$  (6th women and 5th men) in this tough race in the Marin Headlands
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Finding Trail Magic in Idaho

May 4, 2012 Seth

About 300 miles have passed since my last blog post. This one is a little long in the teeth, the next will be in a few days and much shorter. Things remain good. I’m still having fun and wanting to run. Idaho has been beautiful and there has been a lot of trail magic. I
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Digging Idaho

It was a good day today.  At least the start was good. I hit the road early and had 20 miles in before 10am. But it was no use, the cloud cover dissipated and I ending up baking in the sun.  Toward the end of my run I was reduced to limping from spots of public shade
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Leaving the Columbia – 10 days in…

I can’t sleep. You would think that running all day would give me a sound night of sleep. Usually it does. But it is now  4:30 in the morning.  Maybe I am a little nervous about the run today to Pendleton. It’s 46miles and except for one bend early on when the interstate turns south
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Running East

…sometime I will add a post about how the idea of running across the country started rattling around in my head. And a post about others who have done it. And maybe a post about how stupid it is to do it, especially when there are so many other things to do and when your
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Post Orcas Island 50k Shuffle

My gait is awkward, stilted, unsteady and just plain tired. I do everything I can to minimize how far I have to walk and breathe shallow careful breaths hoping that my legs won’t buckle out from under me. When the support of a leg suddenly disappears  my right hand invariable shoots up into the air (for
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