Trip Report: Issy Alps 100 Mile Redemption Run

This post has taken far too long to write. It is about a run (more accurately a slog) that I did last November, but really it starts earlier. Last April marked was my first real ‘DNF’ after quitting the Issy Alps 100 mile wilderness challenge. A few days later I packed my bags and headed to Europe
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How we got down the north side..

Trip Report: Langtang Fast Pack

It was something that hovered in the back of our minds. Stretching our legs in Kathmandu led us to the top of Shiva Puri, a mountain on the north side of the sprawling metropolis. High up on the ridge, looking further north, true Himalayan giants would beckon. Rather than turn around and head back down into the
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Haute Route Pyrenee: One Step at a Time

  My last blog post was about spring in France, “European footsteps – Calais and the Pyrenees”  and talked about experiences in the Calais refugee camp and rough plans for walking across the Pyrenees. The idea started almost a year ago October in Kathmandu. We were talking about adventures and Naomi mentioned that her family had a small
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Is the world thinking of Calais?

European footsteps – Calais and the Pyrenees

  On Wednesdays we get up early and pull our belongings together. The routine is familiar. We leave Paris and drive three hours north to Calais. It’s a small French port on the English Channel. If I had to describe it, I would say rusty bars and ice cream shacks, dodgy discos and souvenir shops.
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Issy Alps 100 mile attempt

1/3/2017: Update – I tried this again in November and I was able to finish it. 3/28/2016: Update –  After 18 hours and with cold rain coming down, I realized I was at my end. While weighing my options, I considered trying to sleep in the bathroom at the Little Si trail head and waiting
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Setting an Only Known Time on the Kathmandu Valley Rim Trail (KVRT)

Introduction Update: This post was originally part trip report from an OKT attempt in late November, 2015 and part guide for the Kathmandu Valley Rim Trail. In May, 2017, I moved most of the ‘guide’ content over to Himalayan Adventure Labs and left most of the trip report and personal details on this page. What
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Planning the Kathmandu Valley Rim Trail (KVRT) Challenge: Attempt v1

Update: I did this! Please see this post. The mountains and ridges circling Kathmandu are amazing and too often under appreciated. I spend a lot of time looking at them while trapped within the city and when I hit the trails I am always amazing at how close they actually are and how much peace and
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Sudeep making it happen

Funnest Known Time on the Manaslu Circuit: 3 days 14 hours 40 minutes

We leave the lodge before dawn, soft snow flakes coming down, our breath making great plumes into the night. Snow covers the trail and we lose it quickly, finding ourselves in the middle of a yak field. I mess with the gps  and say the track is up to our right. We eventually find it and move for the next hour
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Fabien nearing Marpha

Raindrops on Cascade Crest and Butterflies in Kathmandu

I have butterflies. That is a good thing. It’s been a while… Washington Where to start? How about the blackness of night? The pouring rain? The collective pull-together as people struggled through the inky ethos; the intermingling of fellow runners, pacers, crew, family, and volunteers working together to overcome adversity.  The Cascade Crest 100 mile
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Heading up in the fog...

Magic Mountain, Kool Aid Lake and Squamish 50m

My bags are mostly packed for Nepal via New York, Hong Kong and Dhaka. The Annapurna Trail Race is coming up and other adventures await. I leave on Tuesday.  I’m also packing drop bags for running Cascade Crest 100 tomorrow – a great run directed by my friend Rich White. I’m psyched to be paced
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