Mt. Hood Circumnavigation

Directions: Take one huge mountain, add ~42 miles of trail, season with ~10,500 feet of gain, add icy river crossings, and bake gently for ~12 really fun hours. Share good times with friends.    It was a little over a month ago, the other side of the world from now, when we found ourselves closing
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Too much running: Cascade Crest 100m, Zion, Grand Canyon R2R2R

I’m not sure where to start, or how to weave a coherent story about running 100 miles through the day and night in the Cascades of Washington State, or spending a morning bombing through Zion National Park in Utah. And how can I really put words on finally getting to see (not to mention run)
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Mt. Adams: Mashing up an only known time.

Before I get started recapping this pretty crazy adventure from last week, I am happy to say our trip for Everest Base Camp (EBC) this October is full. But we are looking for people who are interested in going to Kilimanjaro in February or EBC in March-April. These are non-technical trips for people of all walks of life.
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Running White River 50m 2013

We are still in the witty banter stage, fresh out of the gate and running easy miles through forests rich with moss. Sometimes I engage in the banter, sometimes I let it slide over me, and sometimes I try to block it out. A lot of times the conversations are about whether we’ve run the
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From the beaches of Zanzibar to White River

I confess that my knowledge of world geography is pretty limited. I blame it on being a product of the American educational system and the insular perspective that we often have in the states. Fortunately, I have one of the coolest mothers in the world. As a geography teacher and a world traveler, she tried
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Kilimanjaro Circuit Run

Full pics are available online. Light edits made 7/6 11:32 PST Bombing down the northern circuit – Kilimanjaro A possibly first of its kind –  a slow run around Kilimanjaro via high altitude trails averaging ~13,745ft, covering 27 miles, in 12:35 hours (with a couple significant stops) accompanied by Jacob Slaa. Huge thanks to PROBAR,
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Kilimanjaro Climb and Running Plans

Three parts to this blog post really – running above Arusha, climbing the mountain, and my plans on running around it. Skip to whichever you prefer.  I’m sadly out of time; writing anything creative, profound, or otherwise is simply not going to happen.  Tomorrow morning I leave for a high altitude run around and over
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Slow Travels East to Africa

So I find myself, sitting here in a tiny airport in the Adirondaks, my toes pointed somewhat toward Kilimanjaro and for some reason my thoughts keep returning to the Everest Base Camp (EBC) trek that I am co-leading in the fall with Dorjee Sherpa and S2Mountaineering. Tough life, eh?  One of the best parts of the
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9 hours of Mountain Vistas!

Flying Ninja Kicks and Getting Lost: Sun Mountain 50m Race Report

I originally signed up for the 50k (31m) because I thought I might be running with an old friend who has never tried an ultra. But after he had to bail (thanks academia), I started questioning…why not the 50 miler? Saner voices in my head argued that I had not run anything longer than a
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Yakima 50k, Sea Kayaks and trash talk on the Lhotse Face.

The Yakima 50k ended up taking a lot out of me.  Waking up that morning, I was sore, crooked and misaligned from sleeping in the back of my truck. And yes, hungover with wobbly legs and a bad squint from the bright sun bouncing off canyon walls. Why I had committed to running 31 miles
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