In Between Adventures

The cherry blossoms are in full bloom in Seattle. I run to work in the mornings, through small neighborhoods and the winding trails of Ravenna Park. The wooded trails are followed with the grit of the university district and eleven floors of stairs up to my office. In moments of weakness I will take the
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Mountains, Trail Runs, and Living the Dream.

The last two weeks have flown by with some great trail running in the San Juan Islands, snow shoeing in the Cascades, and learning to sail on Lake Washington. Tandra Schmidt takes in the Khumbu Valley – 2010. Thanks for helping me spread the word about the great trips I’m working on with S2Mountaineering. We now
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Big pictures, google trekker, long walks, & fat bikes.

Thanks to everyone for passing me news of  various adventure related news…sometimes it helps break up the everyday blur of life… Several friends passed on news about a 2 gigapixel image of Everest. Made by stitching more than 300 high resolution images together, it is simply amazing. Even though it is a two dimensional image,
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Or…one pomodoro at a time

It has been a good week, lots of miles running around Seattle on sore legs and I also went to a really interesting presentation by local climber Chad Kellog (check out this NYT article and crazy video on speed climbing).  I really like what he said in this interview with Outside Online,  “There’s no sprinting here…This
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Perfecting the back flop at Deception Pass 50k

Lots of loops in the course, but great scenery! Just skip down and check out the photos if you don’t feel like narrative. It’s ok. I do it too. I had a great time volunteering at the inaugural Deception Pass 50k last year. But I remember feeling a little jealous watching the smiles on runners as they
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From Summer to Winter

What’s on your bucket list this winter? I’m hoping to to learn a little more about sailing and to brush up on my map and compass skills. Maybe some more runs, climbs, and snow-shoe trips too. And I will be doing a lot of planning for fun adventures in the next year with climbs, treks
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Post Script – Transcon Run

I’m back in Seattle. It is a cliche, but the last few months seem like a dream. A dream with a lot of running with ups and downs. I haven’t had a chance to do a proper write-up about the last day, so here is a stab:  I woke up on Friday 7/20 with the
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Done! Transcon Run

I’m in my sister’s car speeding toward northern New York and the Adirondacks where I hope to spend a few days relaxing with friends and family before heading back to Seattle on Thursday. Boston is well behind us but I do still have sand in my running shoes as well as some really good memories. The
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Making a run for it…

Making a run for it…

I’m invoking my right to make a run for it: Sailing center at Castle Island, Pleasure Bay in South Boston. ETA ~6pm. Maps are on website only I’m running tomorrow’s map this afternoon.   See you at the water!


Day 105, three to go…

I’m hearing Boston accents and fresh seafood is on the menu. Earlier today, I saw my first sign for Boston. It said 75 miles. It made me a little giddy for a bit while I pushed on to my motel where I am enjoying an amazing meal at the adjoining restaurant. The clam chowder is good. I
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