Day 100, mile 3128

Hard to believe five days have already passed since my last post. Lots of hills and heat since then. Fortunately, also family and friends. After my last post just east of Warsaw, I rolled into Geneseo early in the morning. I haven’t been there since finishing my last undergraduate class in 1994. I sent Donna
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Day 95, mile 2944.

So the end is almost in sight. I’m hearing more positives from people, “You’re almost there!” versus “You still got a long ways to go…” The latter is something I have heard after countless conversations – mostly at convenience stores. I know people mean well but in my head I can hear myself reply sarcastically
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Some like it hot

Just a quick note to say I am alive and kicking and doing just fine despite the heat wave and bizarre storms. Every decision since my last post has been well thought out and only good fortune (except for the heat) has befallen me. My navigation has been spot on. Well, almost. I’ve been at the
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A hard days night

Just a quick note here from a hotel computer in Kendalville, Indiana. Hopefully my last night in this state. The run Thursday from the Indiana border was almost a wash. I started around 6pm and got worried about hotels being booked and running in bad neighborhoods at night. Camping wasn’t an option really. I only
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Meditating on doing without

One thing that convinced me that a transcon run would be worthwhile was reading James Shapiro’s book ‘Meditations from the Breakdown Lane‘. Shapiro ran from San Francisco to New York in 1980 with a backpack. No cell phones, smart phones, social media, GPS, yada yada.  More than a simple recounting of his adventure, his book
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Finding my way out of Iowa

  Iowa was 10 hot days over 390 miles. I didn’t manage a single blog post during that time – but I did write the bulk of this one a couple days ago during an afternoon siesta in a town called ‘Wheatland’ – where the beer was cold but the internet weak. I made it
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When thunder roars, go indoors!

I was talking to my friend Pablo the other night and he asked me about adventures in Nebraska. I didn’t know what to say. Nebraska has really exceeded my expectations (which were quite honestly pretty low) but there have been no grizzly bear warnings or mountain passes. I haven’t even been stopped by the police.
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Damai's sixth summit

Mostly Everest and Whatnots

Hi everyone, just a short note here before I head out for today. First, happy 16th birthday to my niece Claire Englert. Woot woot! I’m sure you will always wear your seat belt , go the limit, and give a lot space to any crazy guys running against traffic while pushing a baby jogger. Thanks everyone for
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Nebraska: Help motivate me for 40 miles per day?

46 days and 1,367 miles Before getting into the last seven days and ~220 miles of running east from Shoshoni, WY across the high plains, I’d like to do two things that I have been putting off for literally a thousand miles. They sort of go hand-and-hand: First, I’ve wanted to try significantly increase my average
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Damai's sixth summit

Pushing a food cart through grizzly country.

A year ago today, Damai Chiri Sherpa and I were making our way down from the top of the world.. What a trip! And, as best I can tell, Damai is gearing up for what will hopefully be  his seventh summit attempt as I write this – best of luck to him and all of
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