Annapurna Sanctuary Check-in

Annapurna Sanctuary Check-in

Just a quick note from deep in the Annapurna Sanctuary. Should be at Base Camp in a couple days. 14 undergrad students are doing great! More later – using sat phone now so keeping this short. Ciao!

Kelly breaking out above treeline

Angel’s Staircase 50k Run

Another great run directed by James Varner from Rain Shadow Running. Kelly and I signed up a couple weeks ago, knowing it would be a bit of a suffer-fest because neither one of us has done any significant running since the Beacon Rock 50k almost two months ago. But it was too good to resist
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Matt took us on a 5 miler above the city - beautiful trails and views

Peru! Cordillera Blanca Trek, Part III of III

July 18, 2011 Seth

It’s now August 4th, but I will backdate this to July 17th once I get it posted as that is when Kelly sent out the email update below.  Much thanks to her for the write-up, as well as managing/planning virtually the entire trek as I tried to keep up with some ongoing work email/projects. And
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Hitching a ride on back of truck to trail head

Peru! Machu Picchu, Part II of III.

It’s now August 3rd, but I will backdate this to 7/8 once I get it posted as that is when Kelly sent out the email update below. I’ve moved the disgusting ‘losing a toe nail post’ to the May archives since that is when most of it occurred and it shouldn’t be posted on top of fun times
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Lima - socked in!

Settling in to Peru, Part I of III

June 29, 2011 Seth

It’s really August 1st, but I will backdate this to 6/29 once I get it posted. Kelly and I returned from Peru a little over a week ago. What a privilege to be in the the middle of the two highest mountain ranges in the world in such a short span of time. I have a full
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Talking runnin' -  night before at Beacon Rock State Campground

Beacon Rock 50k Run

Been meaning to write this post for a good 6 weeks or so. I’m way behind on posting, having spent most of the last month exploring the Andes with Kelly in Peru (will catch up on those posts soon!). Another great run organizing by James Varner of on 6/12 (even through this was written
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Just like 1995 - beer and kim pab on the streets of Seoul

Tieton Rock Climb and Home Sweet Home

Today was my first full day in one place in quite a while. I had a great day (Friday I think) in Seoul. What normally would have been 10 long hours stealing food samples from duty free shops in the Seoul Incheon Airport turned into a fun run into down town where I met up
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Trek out of Base Camp

The walk out was very strange. First to see the tents being dismantled and barrels loaded onto yaks. Everywhere you looked, across the whole base camp, someone was lifting a duffel bag. I left by myself and found myself pausing to look back with bitter sweet thoughts. I stopped in Gorak Shep and said goodbye
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A couple summit pics

OK- Many more to come but I’m in a bad internet cafe in Kathamandu and I’ve lost the cord to my laptop. These pics were emailed to me by Oskar Kihlborg ( after his return to KTM along with some sleuthing using a program called ‘Absolute Recovery’. Hurray for Oskar, I owe him many beers
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Third toenail this summer (See El Diablo by Stacey for #2)

The true story of my Everest Toe Nail (ETN)

I recently read Marshal Ulrich’s book ‘Running on Empty’ ( The man is an endurance machine and I appreciated the introspection he included. Marshall also had all of his toe nails surgically removed because he was tired of them getting infected and falling off. Reading about this reminded me of my unfinished post about losing
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