Please inspire me to keep adventuring!  
You can do this by making a small donation toward school costs for kids in Nepal .
Your donation will help them and also will inspire me to go that extra mile. 
Only $10 will send one of Pasang’s kids to school for 1 month!

Please visit my non-profit charity:
With Pasang Sherpa – Kathmandu 2011. 

Pasang’s kids: Lhakpa, Phuri, Mingma, Nima, Pemba
Lets send them to school

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  • Hi Seth,

    Hope all is going well. I have been having a look at your site as I am hoping to run across America in a year or two.

    I am a keen trail runner from Jersey (uk) and have taken part in quite a
    few in France and uk, and also ran solo the lengh of Ireland two years ago for Charity.

    Am hoping to run France this summer, St.Malo to the Mediterranean (650 miles) as a test to see if I will be able to do the trans America.

    My mileage is aimed to be similar to yours – 30 – would like to know what
    issues you had with water across America.

    I am either going to get a push chair or devise something to tow, and would like to know what amount of water I am likely to need to carry – ie how many days where you away from a supply ?

    Any help much appreciated.

    Best regards,
    James Averty

    • Thanks James for your comment. Sounds like you have a great adventure ahead of you this summer and then beyond. There are some interesting options out there regarding push/pull – I just saw this on facebook: As for water…I really didn’t have much of an issue. Lots of the time I got it from convenience stores. Sometimes from taps on the sides of buildings. Once I snuck it out of a person’s sprinkler on their front yard. I carried a gravity water filter by platypus and would occasionally get it out of nearby rivers or lakes. I remember one time somewhere hot where I almost ran out and a trail angel happened to stop with a gallon jug. But overall, not much problems. I also attribute a lot of this to choosing a more northern route and not trying to go across southern California, Texas etc. Best of luck!

      • Hi Seth,

        Thank you for taking the time to reply, very much appreciated, apologies for late reply.

        I have made a small contribution to your Nepal appeal,
        I hope all the people you have been working with are
        safe. Keep up the good work.

        Best Regards,

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